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In which we learn homeopathy is energy and I offer a prize


Homeopathy (Photo credit: mgerskup)

I love a good rant, me. It sits there on the page/screen, wagging its tail in frantic self-satisfaction as it barks loudly, but ultimately ineffectually. Meanwhile, safe in the knowledge it cannot hurt me whilst I can kick its scruffy little arse, I pass on by, whistling cheerfully.

Now, this particular bit of nuttery, Homoeopathy is energy and not water as skeptics dub and debunk, has clearly been written by someone for whom English is not their first language. I shall, therefore, be uncharacteristically lenient. However, all the unending-sentence, monster-paragraph foamings of true uncritical evangelism are present and the WTFometer started to overheat early on, so I let the SO give it a cool bath and dose it with aspirin. It probably won’t be up to joining us today.

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