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Anthroplogy - human skull of a boy. The skull ...

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Spring, Spring in the Northern hemisphere! It’s that wonderful time of year, as we recover from the excesses of Winter festivities – frequently running non-stop from mid-December to Mardi Gras – and cast a rueful glance at in the mirror at the pale, podgy mass our doctors insist on referring to as “your body”. Even soothing words from your SO, usually along the lines of “You’re fine just as you are”, don’t cut it. The bathroom scales do not lie. Even moving your centre of gravity around to cushion the blow still makes for a depressing reading. The favourite jeans are too tight, the favourite shirt threatens to pop its buttons over your midriff, or the favourite dress refuses to zip up over your extra-buxom boobs. The decision has been made: it is time to go on a diet.

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