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English: Burzynski Institute Logo

The Burzynski Research Institute is a publicly traded company. I shit thee not, it is traded in an over-the-counter (OTC) market under the sobriquet of BZYR.OB. It’s what is termed a ‘penny stock’: individual shares cost less than a dollar. They are usually considered high-risk investments, in that you may make a killing if you’ve picked a winner: this is the legendary startup with a genuinely novel product (see: Facebook, Google, Amazon). More likely, you’ll lose your entire investment when the company folds or the bubble bursts. Oh, and the majority of the shares are not for trading: someone, usually the founder and his/her family, will have a controlling share that allows them to do exactly what they like with the company.

However, maybe the BRI is one of the smart picks. Let’s see. First, an extract from the blurb that goes with share price on the EDGAR listing:

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