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The word ‘cancer’ gets people all emotional and upset. When that happens, logic usually flies out of the window. In the past 24 hours I have heard of three people with apparently terminal cancers whose nearest and dearest are trying to raise money to send them to the USA for a so-called ‘experimental’ and ‘revolutionary’ new treatment, when in fact the highly dubious clinic run by a Polish doctor by the name of Burzyński is simply taking the piss. Literally. He takes peptides excreted from the body in the urine and injects them back into the body. There is no proof whatsoever that this treatment works, not even to the extent of extending the lives of the terminally ill. How does he get away with this without being shut down for rampant misconduct or otherwise handed his goolies on toast for breakfast? Easy. If your home-made ‘antineoplaston’ gunge isn’t licensed as a drug because you can’t prove it works, sell it as part of your ‘clinical trials’. Apparently this stuff isn’t even FDA-approved as ‘safe and reliable’, let alone effective. As I understand it, if it’s all done within the walls of your own establishment, the USA’s Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) doesn’t get a look-in: it’s a State matter.

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