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TLC Remedies

Image by NemesisDesign via Flickr

It’s always when I’m suffering from a mild dose of weekend ‘flu that the Stupid starts to accumulate in large, viscous globs at my metaphorical front door. Idiot parents deliberately trying to infect their offspring with chicken pox/shingles and using bits of rag or sucked sweeties sent through the post by total strangers to do this; it’s twattery already dealt with in a previous post and smacked down again earlier today by Orac (among many others), but which continues to flabber my now impressively stoical gast. An ex-gay ministry from Living Waters/Desert Sands arriving in town to the distress of local gay support groups, who are going to have to try to help the victims afterwards. Fucking brilliant. At least I live in a country where ‘atheist’ isn’t a dirty word, but that won’t excuse me from picketing their bloody brainwashing sessions in the hope of dissuading bewildered, unhappy people – or, more probably, their parents -  from doing irreparable psychological harm to themselves.

And of course, the ever-abundant flow of sheer, wittering asininity that is the wooverse.

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