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Joan of Arc

She had aural illusions. Hmm (Image by dbking via Flickr)

Mental Illness Awareness Week is coming up in the USA, although I would feel a damn sight happier about the whole thing if they didn’t bring a form of  faith healing into it. It’s not the praying that’ll defeat ignorance, it’s the getting off your arse and understanding what’s happening to you or a person you love/respect/appreciate. Apart from that, normal religious communities (i.e. not composed of hate-ridden fanatics, they do exist, guys) can provide helpful moral support, just like any other network of good friends; something that’s really needed when you’re in the throes of depression, be it clinical or just life temporarily rolling you a series of critical fails.

What you don’t need during the rougher passages of mortality is amateur psychiatrists and quackery. Enter homeopathy webshite and online store (what else?) ABC Homeopathy. As with a number of woo sites, some dedicated little creep is going around retweeting links to this stuff. That’s advertising. So, despite any disclaimers well hidden at the foot of the page where most people will never notice them, any active or implied encouragement to diagnose serious illnesses without any medical help and treat them with unproven or discredited remedies is fair game. If anyone wants to report them to the ASA, they appear to be UK-based, despite the spelling of ‘cheque’ as ‘check’.

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