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I had intended to take a few days off, spend time with my nursing-student daughter during her precious few days’ holiday. Read. Write fiction. Do some more packing in anticipation of moving house in the near future. Join a local association. Fill out some more articles on vaxfax.me.  Watch some Doctor Who with my best friend.

Fun stuff.

About a week ago, there was a bit of unexpected excitement on Twitter when some guy talking like a Grade-A delusional started infesting the site and bad-mouthing some respected medical bloggers. When I say “bad-mouthing”, I of course mean posting vicious, ill-spelt libel and insults. Needless to say, while his victims started blocking him several of us reacted to this sudden and unprovoked übercuntery (my SO just smacked me over the head for that word, but I stand by it. Ow) defaming perfectly reputable scientists and medics. We took a look at his company website, since he claimed to be an inventor with hundreds of products to his name – good going for a guy with an MSc in Biology and Chemistry – running a rapidly growing company producing medicines that save lives.

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