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It is always depressing to see just how far some people will retreat into self-delusion in order to protect their own pet beliefs, no matter how outlandish and untenable. At least, I hope it’s self-delusion – which is bad enough – as the only other possibility is that they are coldly and deliberately misleading other people: playing on their fears, doubts and vague sense of guilt. Religious extremists do this, although they are not the only ones. Anti-vaccine campaigners, I’m looking at you in particular.

I haven’t been posting quite as much as I intended when I activated this blog, but nevertheless I’ve been a busy little teapot. I’ve been reading quite a few sites over the past month or so, collecting information and studying the Anti-Vax Troll in its natural habitat. Actually, the Blog Troll differs little from its Usenet ancestor: the species adapts easily to new habitats but doesn’t really evolve as such. The same mixture of naïvety and intellectual dishonesty abounds. You cannot reason with the buggers and they will not STFU. They will post to your blog, but inevitably ban you from theirs when you attempt to correct their more egregious statements.

Let us be quite clear about this: antivaxers, AIDS denialists, so-called “alternative medicine” fanatics, and anybody else who believes in Big Pharma conspiracies and sugar-pill magick, are not mild eccentrics with harmless beliefs. Their beliefs kill, maim and disfigure other people.

Anyway, to get to the point of this particular post, I am much indebted to the ever-vigilant Lone Epi for his detection of an absolute gem of complete pop-eyed straw-in-the-hair anti-vax nutjobbery. Before we delve into the murky and reality-free waters of paranoia, get yourself a stiff drink, sit back comfortably, and peruse this little masterpiece:


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