Video of the World AIDS Day

AIDS ribbon1st December is World AIDS day, dedicated to the stigma that still attaches to being HIV+, encouraging safe practices and reminding people that the virus is by no means beaten.

It is also a day for celebrating those lost to the disease. How about the amazing Rudolph Nureyev, one of the greatest dancers of all time and who, incidentally, made Schwarzenegger look like a wimp. It takes a long of strength and muscle control to make those movements look as light and effortless as that.

Here he is with equally talented Margot Fonteyn in Swan Lake:

And in lighter mood:

I don’t know who the poor dancer was in that pig suit, but that is professionalism to the core.


Celebrate your mathaversaries


Another pointless but entirely delightful mathematical exercise: calculating temporal markers other than the traditional solar year and its subdivisions. Why not celebrate your birthday in Martian or Venusian years? Or in terms of Pi or Fibonacci numbers? Tritium half-lives?

Obviously you need:


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