WTF Special: How to choose a homeopath


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Frankly, this is fucking hilarious. Sandra’s latest unbeatable evidence in favour of homeopathy is: how many Twitter followers does someone have?

Now David Che is a dentist who refuses to do root canal work on molars  – pause to boggle – and is trying to flog yet another Way To Riches And Success book. I had a shufti at his followers: a lot of marketing wonks, and a surprisingly high number of accounts with bios that match word for word and very few posts to their name. So even if the number of followers were a sign of quality (c.f. the appalling Justin Beiber and his following of over 50 million knicker-wetting fans), the presence of many obviously fake accounts sort of invalidates that candidate.

Anyway, what of Dara Ó Briain, his Sack and his 1.67 million followers? How come Sandra doesn’t mention him? Perhaps she doesn’t want us to notice that she herself has all of 470 followers? Of course, if she had better arguments than “my mate’s dick is bigger than yours, therefore homeopathy” she’d use them.

Stop whining, homeopaths. Produce some solid scientific evidence in favour of your claims instead of smears and abuse, and you’ll find that people actually start to take you seriously.

Oh, but you can’t, can you?

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